Year 1

The Magic Shoes

We have started to think about how shoes are made. We have investigated our own shoes and had a go at making a shoe from one piece of paper, but we found this did not work. The children spotted that shoes need to be made from different  parts or pieces that are joined together – so we are now practising the skills of joining. This week we have been having a go at stitching.


Try these games at home to practice your bonds to 10.




Fireworks 2D shapes

109_0586BANG!   POP!   WHIZZ!

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We have had great fun spotting shapes all around us in the playground and in the classroom. We have even made our own firework sky artwork using 2D shapes.

109_0588 109_0589 109_0590 109_0591 109_0592We have learnt the names of some more shapes. We also found lots of other shapes that we do not know the name of yet. We learnt that we can make new shapes by adding shapes together.

We have been learning about coins. Can you have a go at this game at home?

maths game

Why dont you have a go at this phonic game at home

What fantastic Artists we have!

Year One have been really enjoying learning about an artist and learning skills to make them become better artists. We have looked at using natural things from the environment to create patterns and images.



The children have been learning about ‘line’ and looking in detail at what they are drawing. They have also learnt about ‘tone’ -how light or dark a colour may be and also about mixing paint and creating warm and cold colours.

109_0392 109_0393 109_0394 109_0389 109_0390 109_0391

Look out for some more pictures of our work!…..coming soon…..

Hello and Welcome!

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